Client Benefits

I am a clinical psychologist with expertise working with individuals, couples, and parent support.  Our work together will be collaborative and achieve deep, meaningful change.


  • Increased self awareness
  • Able to be more honest with themselves, and others
  • Able to see their underlying workings more clearly
  • More open and curious about my self and others
  • Able to deal more effectively with problems in relationship, work and life
  • Improved self regard
  • Less fearful of change and the unknown
  • More able to gently and thoughtfully explore opportunities for change
  • Able to find their own answers to problems and dilemma
  • Increased understanding of their personality


  • Take better care of themselves.
  • Listen to themselves instead of just others
  • Less stressed out
  • Able to handle bigger more complicated project at work with ease
  • More comfortable with themselves, and more attractive to others.
  • Relationships with friends, family and others have gone from good to better
  • Finally found internal peace and happiness.
  • Able to get out of their own way and see things objectively
  • Got to know and appreciate their true self

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