My Approach

My clients have described me as someone who truly cares about other people and balances kindness with direct and challenging insight. My personal style as a therapist is warm, highly engaged and empathic. I am passionate about the work I do and committed to the well-being of the people I work with.

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Clients have described me as someone who can see through the surface noise to the heart of the matter. In a safe welcoming setting, we will uncover the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that are limiting you.

Through our interactions you will come to appreciate the depths of your strength and view your limitations with curiosity instead of judgment. Our close collaboration supports a natural unfolding of your own capacity and the integration of new skills and perspectives.

You will experience deep meaningful change that will be noticed and appreciated by you and those close to you.


I am a solution-oriented therapist who integrates complementary modes of treatment. My training spans Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Imago Relationship Therapy, and Biofeedback. The use of the approaches, described below, is guided by your concerns, symptoms and preferences.


The Psychodynamic approach invites you to examine the influence of the past on the present. From this perspective, recognizing patterns from the past that no longer serve you, frees you to respond to the present with a fresh perspective.


CBT helps you become aware of the connection between your thoughts emotions and behavior in the present.  It is skilled based and draws on a wide range of techniques that will help you overcome tendencies to misinterpret and overreact to situations.


From the Imago Relationship Therapy perspective, all wounding and healing takes place within relationship.  Working with Imago techniques facilitates healing and growth for the individual and relationship simultaneously.


In Biofeedback training, viewing information about your body’s response to stress teaches you to voluntarily relax. Using a simple biofeedback mechanism that is motivating and fun, you will learn to achieve and maintain new levels of relaxation and calm.

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