Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.

– Heath L. Buckmaster

Seeking Help Requires Courage

Do you feel blocked from fulfilling your potential and creating the life you want? Do you find yourself at the mercy of emotions you cannot control, stuck in habit and behavior patterns you cannot change, or in situations you find overwhelming?  These things inevitably cause pain, frustration and can keep you up at night.   They may also be the very things that give you the courage to reach out to begin the journey to a better life.


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I think of my work as helping people overcome obstacles that are causing them pain and blocking their way forward.  Sometimes the boulder on the road can be an unexpected overwhelming situation or a crisis. These can be losses, relationship problems, difficulties at work, or important life transitions. Sometimes obstacles are things inside that you have lived with for a long time and tried to work around.

They may be deeply ingrained ways of reacting, negative views of yourself, or some aspect of your identity that prevents you from asserting yourself.  It can be strong emotions like depression, anxiety, or anger that cause suffering and have a negative impact on your relationships and life.  All of these obstacles cause pain. Any one of them can be the trigger that motivates you to get help to move forward in life.


I approach every therapy session with compassion, curiosity, and deep respect for the person I am working with.  I believe these things are absolutely essential to successful treatment.

The beginning of therapy is a period of discovery. We will work together to understand where you are now and where you are trying to get. We will bring to light the strength, beauty, and capabilities you already have. In an atmosphere of safety and trust, you will have the opportunity to express unspoken, unexamined thoughts and feelings.  We will uncover the underlying wounds, emotional patterns and beliefs that are holding you back.  During this period you and I will both get to know and understand you more deeply.

As a solution-oriented integrative therapist, I will help you heal from past experiences and replace patterns that are holding you back, with new skills and perspectives. The range of my training spans Psychodynamic approaches that illuminate the impact of the past on the present, Cognitive Behavioral approaches that focus on changing emotional, thought, and behavior patterns, Imago Relationship Therapy which focuses on relational skills, and Biofeedback. These approaches are integrated into a highly individualized treatment to meet   your needs and aspirations.


Along with this you will have new perspectives, better ways of handling emotions, and more skillful ways of being in he world. Treatment will leave you more at ease and better able to achieve deep meaningful change that is valued by you and those close to you.

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